This Exquisite Idea

Along with the groundbreaking movement on social media, we were always left with our jaw dropping in ideas that have been created using this phenomenal relatively “new” medium. Every now and then, there are either promotional material as well as art-ish installation that is fresh and intriguing for us “ordinary” humans.

There’s no difference with this one, it’s called This Exquisite Forest, an idea by Aaron Koblin and Chris Millk, curated at and sponsored by Tate Modern, London working together with non other than Google. It’s an HTML 5 masterpiece. In the website each tree represents an animation created by improvised collaboration. Users create short animations that build off one another as they explore a specific theme. The result is a collection of branching narratives resembling trees.

Most of us are familiar with the term “exquisite corps”, a technique used by the surrealists in which an image is drawn collaboratively, centered around a theme or subject, with each successive artist not knowing what the previous one has created, instead just adding to it in sequence.

Now, take that idea and translate it to animation, where the animations can be made by anyone and are placed online on continually growing trees.

See the introduction and the making below.

Oh and one more thing, you can only view it with Google Chrome, well, what do you expect? It’s sponsored by Google!


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